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The Centre is located in the tourist area of Suru-Lere renowned for ‘adire’ production. It has a friendly space for working, reading and discussing career prospects in the Arts. We organize talks and workshops at regular intervals. The target audience for our programmes is women, artists, hobbyist, youth, children, the unemployed, retirees and indeed everyone interested in engaging in arts and crafts. We have facilities for Sugarcraft, Jewellery, Goldsmithing/Silversmithing, Tie Dye and Batik, Macramé, Printmaking, Silk Painting, Baking, Bead Work, Ceramics, General Crafts, Painting and Sculpture.

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    Having partake in their workshops, i earned lots of skills. Now working in a beverage company.


    There was a time i thought there is nothing i could do. Got so confused, but WYART restored my hope. Thanks a lot.


    As a student, it was a great opportunity for me to have participated in one of their training programs. i'm grateful.

    Adegoke Cynthia,Osun State

We Specialize In

We organize a wide range of programs

01. Art Naija Export platform

Art Naija is the next generation of handcrafted export direct from artists and craftsmen’s studios. The idea was initiated by an international artist, Phoenix Savage in 2017 to manage a global network of fine artists creating high quality arts and crafts in Nigeria. To assist these artists reach global markets, Art Naija provides an avenue for them to export their works through the principles of fair trade. Art Naija artists, having acquired skill-based training by participating in workshops organized by the Women and Youth Art Foundation, have come to own their own businesses. They specialize in making products that are sophisticated and are not the novelty African crafts. These include tie and dye, batik, bead work, metal jewellery, pottery, fashion, silk painting, and other crafts. Art Naija provides a network through which their crafts can easily be sold to support equitable trade and enrich the lives of these artists and their families.

02. Community Workshops

Our community outreach programme for 2017 is targeted at taking Art back to public schools in Lagos State, particularly schools without Art teachers. What better place to begin with than the public Secondary schools in the Surulere area where the Centre is located. We are working with sixteen schools and covering aspects in Paper craft, fabric designing, agricultural produce and discarded materials.Art serves as therapy giving students a sense of fulfilment and wellbeing.

03. Internship/Mentorship/Volunteerism

There are only two spaces annually for students wishing to do their industrial attachment at the Centre. Volunteers also assist with some of our public projects.

04. School Tours and Excursions

Many schools have taken advantage of orange excursions to the Centre. There are opportunities for school children to do hands-on sessions in the arts. Please call 0806.222.2366 to plan a tour.


The Women and Youth Art Foundation was designed to be a self-funding organization rendering services to the community. We rely on the sales of our videos and manuals to fund our free community projects. However, with the issue of piracy this has become increasingly difficult. To help sustain this vision we rely on donations and are thankful to those who have given us support over the years..

How to Register for Classes and Workshops

We have an active Facebook (FB) page; you may, therefore, visit for updates on our programmes. Forms are available on our website. We have long-term training programmes as well as short-term workshops. The short-term workshops may attract a token payment while our community programs are absolutely free.

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