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DVD and Magazines

Our greatest impact have been teaching a large number of people through our educational DVDs and manuals. Over three hundred thousand copies have been distributed across Nigeria.

These Ten DVDs (10) include:
Baking 1

Teaches how to make three different kinds of cake, provides a general introduction to tools and their uses and finishes off with butter, royal and Fondant icing.

Baking 2

Teaches how to make several small chops or finger foods such as Bread, Puff Puff, Vegetarian pie, Meat pie, Spring Rolls, Pan cake, Queen Cakes, Doughnut, Samosa, Buns, Egg Roll, Chin Chin and Sausage rolls.

Baking 3 and Sugarcraft

Teaches how to make a rich celebration cake, and advanced techniques in sugarcraft such as modeling a SpongeBob, a Teddy bear, a Giraffe, Barney, Dolphin, Bag, Purse, Canvass, Lady’s High heeled shoes, a Female figurine, a commemorative cake, and a Sewing Machine. It also has templates as well as a lot of recipes.

9 Nigerian Soups and Sauces

Teaches how to make Egusi soup, Tomato sauce or stew, Ogbolo soup, Pepper soup, Ewedu, Edikan Ikong, vegetable soup Groundnut soup and Banga Soup.

Beadwork 1

Teaches how to make the Spiral rope, Chevron chain, Beaded bead, and several other techniques.

Beadwork 2

This finishes off how to make the Spiral Rope and a lot of projects in wirework.


It introduces the various tools for the art and teaches how to identify gold an make a set of gold jewellery.


This teaches how to block a hat from start to finish.

General Crafts

Teaches several craft projects- Macramé, Beaded flower vases, Beaded Teddy Bear, a cross, a tie, clover wire knitting, exercises in sugarcraft and baking.

Tie and Dye

This teaches several techniques in Stitch and Dye, Adire and Batik methods.


  • Wy Art Magazine Issue 1 - (The General craft DVD illustrates all the projects in this manual)
  • Wy Art Magazine Issue 2 - (The Baking Lesson 3 and Sugarcraft DVD illustrates all the projects in this manual)
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    I agree to abide by all the rules of the Foundation during the period of my training. I also agree to the use of my images & photographs by WY ART FOUNDATION for promotional and documentation purposes. I promise to come for lessons within the stipulated time approved by the Foundation.

    We deliver throughout Nigeria Call us on 08062222366 Payments for our materials are made to the Women and Youth Art Foundation UBA, Nigeria Account 1012660503, The DVDs cost N300 each while the magazines cost N2, 500 Issue 2 and Issue 1 cost N2,000. All these educational materials are available at the Centre

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