Arts in School Project

This proposal seeks to create a platform for the sharing and dissemination of artistic skills amongst formal and informal groups with a view to enhancing craft production and tourism potentials in Lagos State. By creating a system where students of Lagos public secondary schools, University students and artisans drawn from the Surulere community interact, a process of sharing skills distilled in the art academy will compliment indigenous knowledge systems to create a synthesis of ideas from which all participants will benefit. Secondary school students become the greatest beneficiary of this experience particularly as the dearth of art teachers in public secondary schools exclude the effective teaching of art. We intend to tap into the resources in the vibrant art industry that already exists in the Akerele area of Surulere, Lagos. This multi layered approach would also assist artisans of the Akerele fabric dyeing cooperatives learn business improvement methods and enhanced strategies key to entrepreneurial development. This project would be coordinated through a collaboration between the ‘Town and Gown’- the Department of Creative Arts, University of Lagos and a Surulere art- based NGO, the Women and Youth Art Foundation, Lagos.

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