Art in Schools Workshops    

Duration: September 20, 2017 – September 14, 2018.

This programme covers one year for the US Consulate grant 2017 provided to conduct a series of workshops with local artisans, University students and students of selected secondary schools in Lagos State under the project title, Exploring the Craft and Tourism Potential through Formal and Informal Art Workshops in Surulere, Lagos. This intervention helped bridge the gap created by the dearth of art teachers in many public schools in Lagos State, Nigeria. Our projects were so impactful and successful that we won the US Exchange Award for projects in 2018.

 Art Activities

Art Workshops were held in selected schools for this project in the following crafts.

  1. Tie and Dye (T-shirts)
  2. Silk dyeing and painting workshops
  3. Coconut shells/bones
  4. Jewellery Making
  5. Slip casting
  6. Paper beadwork

Selected schools in which workshops were held

The workshops were held with the permission of the Education Board District IV at Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. We had to work within the stipulated time allowed by the school board and authorities. By and large, we had very good responses from the school heads who supported the work of the Foundation on this project. Other workshops held at the Women and Youth Art Centre, the Art Studios of the University of Lagos, a community compound based in Bariga close to the University of Lagos and a final showing at the 13th University of Lagos Research and Conference Fair.

The schools selected for this study include:

  1. Ideal Girls’ Senior High School, Surulere, Lagos. January to April 2018
  2. Ideal Girls’ Junior High School, Surulere, Lagos. January to April 2018
  3. Stadium Senior High School, Surulere, Lagos. February to April 2018
  4. Ajigbeda Junior Girls’ High School, Surulere, Lagos. February to April 2018

Although five schools were initially selected for the workshops, the fifth school, Onitolo Senior High School, Surulere, Lagos had a change of headship and did not entertain further work with the students, thus reducing the number of schools to four. The overwhelming interest of the students of Ideal Girls’ Junior High School, Surulere, Lagos enabled us to replace our earlier selection of New Era Girls’ Senior Girls High School, Lagos.

All the school workshops were held within the school premises between 1 pm and 4 pm on Wednesdays only. This was the day assigned for extracurricular activities in Lagos State schools. Workshops in public schools began in January and ended on the 4th of April, 2018. All other school workshops were held on specific days announced for the special events as listed below.

The total number of participants far outnumbered the initially budgeted number.

It was difficult to keep the number down for the overwhelming interest shown by both students and teachers. In Ideal Girls’ Senior and Junior High Schools, not less than ten teachers participated in the exercises. This was encouraged as it would serve as a good way of ensuring continuity after the close of the project.

In Ideal Junior Girls’ School, the fine art teacher, Mr Falodun became a regular facilitator. Mrs Odunsi, the Civics Education teacher from Ideal Girls’ Senior High School was also an active participant in all the workshops. Ajigbeda High school presented very keen students. The supervising teacher, even though did not participate in the workshops was actively involved, in ensuring discipline of her students. The Principals of both Ajigbeda Junior Girls High School and Stadium Senior High school provided great support for our work.

Mrs Odunsi, the Civics education teacher attended several workshops at the Women and Youth Art Centre. The Education Board District IV sent representatives to attend and supervise our workshops. Some of these people granted interviews to the press and spoke about the impact of the workshops on schools in Lagos State under their purview.

The number of students selected for the hands-on project rose from the estimated number of 130 participants to about 100 students per school. There were not less than four hundred students were involved in these exercises. Others included 10 teachers, 80 University students comprising 100 level and four hundred level students in theatre arts, music and fine arts.

30 artisans and about 50 youth from the Surulere, Yaba and Bariga community. Although not all selected participants had direct hands-on experience, they were involved in small chores and were very much a part of the learning experience. Sometimes, students worked in groups to accommodate other participants who showed a lot of enthusiasm. Workshops with the Bariga Forum of artists numbered well over 120 participants. So the total number of participants added up to about 690 direct participants.


Most of the most regular facilitators aside from the artisans selected for practical demonstration include:


1. Mr Taiwo Isimi

2. Mr Almaroof Segun

3. Miss Taiwo Alabi

4. Dr Adenle John

5. Mr Damien Enyaosah

6. Mr Kehinde Bamidele

7. Miss Atinuke Macaulay


8. Mr Okunuga Olatoye

9. Professor Peju Layiwola

10. Mrs Ebele Alaka

11. Mr Akinyemi Taiwo

12. Mr Idowu Bibire

13. Mr Faseyi Henry Timileyin

14. Ms Bunmi Davies

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